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The Shortlist is here!! What an AMAZING list... Go and check it out... Go on.... Go....

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Subscription Deadline - 2nd Nov.
Long List A Announced - 4th Nov.
Long List A Feedback - 11th Jan.
Long List Meeting (SA) - 13th Jan.
Long List B Announced - 14th Jan.
Shortlist Deadline - 1st Feb.
Shortlist Announced - 3rd Feb.
Voting Deadline - 8th June
Competitions Deadline - 10th June
ABA Awards Night - 24th June

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"The Amazing Book Awards has been a real Godsend. It just seems to keep getting better every year. The question on everybody’s lips in the first book club of term this year was “When does the ABA start again?”. It is well worth the subscription fee. I can’t thank the organising team enough, really!" --- Mrs Sykes-Little, Librarian, The Academy, Selsey

"The ABA shortlist challenges the students to try reading different genres and inspires discussion about the plots and characters which the students enjoy very much... Having the chance to meet the authors at the Awards night, hearing who has won and seeing the winners receive their prizes is a very special moment. Our students are looking forward to the new shortlist of books." Jane Fella, Librarian, The Weald School

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“A children's story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children's story in the slightest.” ― C.S. Lewis

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