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Friday 20th June 2025 - The ABA Awards Night


We are so excited this year to have more schools than ever taking part in the awards, and as a result lots and lots of students (and staff) voted for this brilliant long list.


Student voice is the cornerstone of our awards, and to have so many take part every year is absolutely wonderful.


We are so grateful to all the publishers who submitted this authors’ books for consideration. Thank you for supporting and promoting us.



The Immortal Games – Annalise Avery

When the Light Goes – Sara Barnard

The Undying of Obedience Wellrest – Nicolas Bowling

Sing if You Can’t Dance – Alexia Casale

The Girl Who Broke the Sea – A. Connors

Gwen & Art are Not in Love – Lex Croucher

Totally Deceased – Sue Cunningham

How to Die Famous – Benjamin Dean

Crossing the Line – Tia Fisher

Boy Like Me – Simon James Green

Catch Your Death – Ravena Guron

The Thing About Lemons – Tasha Harrington

A Million to One – Adiba Jaigirdar

Someone is Watching You – Tess James-Mackey

Steady for This – Nathanael Lessore

The Autistic Guide to Adventure – Allie Mason

Let’s Play Murder – Kesia Lupo

You Think You Know Me – Ayaan Mohamud

Channel Fear – Lisa Richardson

Stand Up – Nikesh Shukla

Happy Head – Josh Silver

Every Exquisite Thing – Lauren Steven

Postcards from Valhalla – Danny Weston

Bite Risk – S.J. Willis