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Friday 20th June 2025 - The ABA Awards Night

Here comes the sun!

Hay hay!

Happy May Day weekend! It looks set to be a scorcher! The sun is out and we here at ABA HQ are certainly looking forward to our 3 day weekend. Yay! What will you be up to? Did you know we’ve only got 6 weeks to finish reading now until you need to send us your votes? Doesn’t time fly?

Friday 5th July, and the awards night will soon be upon us and we’re very excited about it! Who will win? Well, that’s up to you!! We know who we like but the choice really is yours! And on that note, we’d thought we’d remind you how to vote.


We need your votes by June 18th. Any votes sent after this date will not be counted.

Here’s a reminder about how to vote:

We need your students to score the books out of five. Giving 5 points to the book they liked the best and 1 point to the book they liked the least. Every student who participated, providing they have read all 5 books should vote.

Here’s an example from last year:

Rosa’s votes:

  • iBoy                                                       5
  • Being Billy                                           4
  • 0.4                                                         3
  • Young Sherlock Holmes                   2
  • If I Could Fly                                       1

It’s really important to vote like this.

Once you have collected votes from all your students you will need to add up the totals and send them to Amanda at Worthing High or via email to Rachel at Shoreham.

Shoreham Academy Vote:

  • iBoy                                                        25
  • Being Billy                                            42
  • 0.4                                                          36
  • Young Sherlock Holmes                    20
  • If I Could Fly                                        10

We will then add these totals together and we will get our Gold, Silver and Bronze winners.

If you need more information about anything – please don’t hesitate to contact us: and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Enjoy the sun!