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Anne Cassidy … As a crime writer, inspiration for Anne’s books often comes from one of the many news stories of teen crime.

Anne Cassidy lives in Essex. She was a teacher for twenty years before becoming a full-time writer. She has published over twenty teen novels.

Dead Time: Rose’s mother and Joshua’s father went out for dinner one night and never returned. Several years later, police investigations have turned up nothing but dead ends and Rose has given up hope of ever learning what happened to them. But when she is reunited with Joshua she discovers that he has been doing some investigating of his own. At the same time, Rose finds herself mixed up in a murder hunt after she witnesses the killing of two of her college classmates. Can there be a connection to their parents’ case?

19 teenagers were killed in London between Jan and July. 15 of them were stabbed including high profile cases like Jimmy Mizen and Ben Kinsella. Anne is also interested in the philosophical aspect of murder. She says ‘People take great delight in reading Crime Fiction. Why is this? We live in a modern liberal society which abhors the death penalty yet we soak up murder stories in print and on television. So I asked myself the question is it ever right to murder? Are there any circumstances that make murder the preferable option?’

Watch the trailer: THE MURDER NOTEBOOKS by Anne Cassidy – book trailer