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N. M. Browne… was born and raised in Lancashire. She read Philosophy and Theology at Oxford and then trained as a teacher. She has written numerous fantasy novels for Bloomsbury including the critically acclaimed Warriors Trilogy and Shadow Web which was longlisted for the 2009 Carnegie Medal.

N.M. Browne lives in Richmond, Surrey with her husband and children.


Wolf Blood: Trista is a Celtic warrior girl with the power of second sight. Captured by a rival tribe she is branded as a slave and forced to relinquish all that makes her a strong warrior. When she manages to escape, Trista walks straight into the path of two roman foot soldiers and her fate is changed forever.

Morcant is one of those Roman soldiers. Separated from his troop and belittled for his impure status, Morcant must choose between his tribal roots and his Roman learning when the female warrior crosses their path. Matters take a dramatic change when Trista recognizes Morcant’s true identity – that of a shapeshifter…a wolf-man.

Together they must fight to survive as invading Romans and warring tribes battle around them. They must learn to use their individual powers to keep each other safe. But, as Morcant’s wolf grows stronger and Trista’s visions become darker, can their trusted bond remain true?