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Friday 20th June 2025 - The ABA Awards Night

The ABA Team

The 2024 ABA Awards Night

Oh what a night!

Wow! What a night!!!

Huge thanks to all of our participating schools for running your book clubs, getting all the entries in for us and organising trips out to bring students to the award night! We had nearly 300 people join us at Shoreham Academy, 4 FANTASTIC authors and a whole SHED load of excited teenage readers!


In case you were not able to make it, we have uploaded a Winners folder to the ABA Schools Drive which currently has some snazzy posters!

Social media has been very busy this weekend with the Authors celebrating their wins and lots of lovely feedback from parents, librarians and students alike. #ABA2024

Thank you one and all! Here’s to 2025! If you have any suggestions for the VERY long list please get in touch. 



And the winner was …


HappyHead was by far the out and out winner this year with over 500 votes! We were really sad that Josh couldn’t join us on the night but he has sent us a brilliant video – it’s up on our Youtube channel now. 

I just want to say thank you. These things mean so much to me. Being given the opprotunity to have your book read by people and have people champion it. It’s amazing, and something I never really expected.

Josh Silver, June 2024

Jane Earley, Cavendish

Thanks A MILLION – as we say in Ireland – for another wonderful night on Friday.

Our pupils were ‘buzzing’ as one mother put it. They loved every minute!

Juliette Webb, Davison

 Congratulations for organising an amazing evening!

We all enjoyed it. The authors were so engaging.

John Clayton, Burgess Hill Academy

Thank you so much for a lovely time on Friday evening – our students had a terrific time. 

It was a terrific event and we are felt so privileged to be there!

The ABAs 2025

Save the Date

The ABA Team

The ABAs 2025 will be held in the brand new theatre space at Durrington High School on Friday 20th June 2025, and we can’t wait! We’re already planning some awesome things for you and your students and we are looking forward to seeing you there! You can sing-up to the ABAs 2025 using the link below.