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Friday 21st June 2024 - The ABA Awards Night

It is here! The 2014 ABA Long List…

We are very excited to announce the 2014 ABA Long List — and what a cracker it is!

  1. After Tomorrow – Gillian Cross
  2. At Yellow Lake – Jane McLoughlin
  3. Bodyguard: Hostage – Chris Bradford
  4. Burn Mark – Laura Powell
  5. Eleven Eleven – Paul Dowswell
  6. Fire City – Bali Rai
  7. Firewallers – Simon Packham
  8. Hollow Pike –James Dawson
  9. Hostage Three – Nick Lake
  10. Itch – Simon Mayo
  11. Lost Worlds – Andrew Lane
  12. The Drowning – Rachel Ward
  13. The Hanged Man Rises – Sarah Naughton
  14. The Killables – Gemma Malley
  15. Waiting for Gonzo – Dave Cousins
  16. Zom-B – Darren Shan

So come on! Now you’ve got until the 7th Feb to send us your votes. Each student votes for their top 5 books. Then we need to know how many people like each book for each school, so your final voting form will look like this:

  • After Tomorrow — 10
  • At Yellow Lake — 15
  • Bodyguard: Hostage — 12

Then we’ll add together all your totals and we’ll have our 2014 Shortlist. Simples. We’ll let you know what titles have made it to the Shortlist then all you have to do is to start reading. We’ve also got 3 major competitions for you this year – see the Competition page for more details – and we’ll have lots of fun activities and challenges for you to complete before the awards presentation night in July.

You can find another copy of the votings form here: 2014 ABA Long List Nomination Forms

We hope you like the Long List as much as we do! Don’t forget you can “Tweet” us your views (@SussexABA), “Like” us and message us on our FaceBook page (The Amazing Book Awards) or have a look at any video updates on our YouTube channel. Follow the links below.