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Friday 21st June 2024 - The ABA Awards Night

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Here comes the sun!

Hay hay!

Happy May Day weekend! It looks set to be a scorcher! The sun is out and we here at ABA HQ are certainly looking forward to our 3 day weekend. Yay! What will you be up to? Did you know we’ve only got 6 weeks to finish reading now until you need to send us your votes? Doesn’t time fly?

Friday 5th July, and the awards night will soon be upon us and we’re very excited about it! Who will win? Well, that’s up to you!! We know who we like but the choice really is yours! And on that note, we’d thought we’d remind you how to vote.


We need your votes by June 18th. Any votes sent after this date will not be counted.

Here’s a reminder about how to vote:

We need your students to score the books out of five. Giving 5 points to the book they liked the best and 1 point to the book they liked the least. Every student who participated, providing they have read all 5 books should vote.

Here’s an example from last year:

Rosa’s votes:

  • iBoy                                                       5
  • Being Billy                                           4
  • 0.4                                                         3
  • Young Sherlock Holmes                   2
  • If I Could Fly                                       1

It’s really important to vote like this.

Once you have collected votes from all your students you will need to add up the totals and send them to Amanda at Worthing High or via email to Rachel at Shoreham.

Shoreham Academy Vote:

  • iBoy                                                        25
  • Being Billy                                            42
  • 0.4                                                          36
  • Young Sherlock Holmes                    20
  • If I Could Fly                                        10

We will then add these totals together and we will get our Gold, Silver and Bronze winners.

If you need more information about anything – please don’t hesitate to contact us: and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Enjoy the sun!

Happy World Book Day – We’ve Gone Competition Crazy!!

… click to link to …

Here at ABA HQ we’ve gone competition crazy! We’re offering you/your students the chance to win some awesome prizes!! (Seriously awesome – we’re almost tempted to keep them for ourselves!)

Click on the posters below for more information. We’re adding lots more to this site every week so keep checking back to see what’s new. Have you seen the NEW resources section yet? We’ve got Crosswords, Word Searches and Worksheets for each book. Go on – have a look! And you can let us know if we’re missing anything!





And remember – if you’re doing anything fun or different let us know! Send us an email with some photos so we can share your news/ideas with the group. Or if you’ve read one of the final 5 books and would like to see your thoughts about it on a post-it in the Readers Room section drop us a line:


Ta! Da! Announcing the ABA 2013 Finalists….

It gives us great pleasure to announce the ABA 2013 Shortlist. And your final 5 are…

  1. Daylight Saving by Edward Hogan
  2. Dead Time by Anne Cassidy
  3. The Repossession by Sam Hawksmoor
  4. Slated by Teri Terry
  5. Wolf Blood by N.M. Browne

We think it’s brilliant! A really good mixed bag of titles. It was SO close; books were just one vote apart in some cases and that’s why it’s SO important that your students vote!  This year we’ve received over 400 votes from our 21 partner schools and academies! How cool is that!? All you need to do now is order your books from the Book Nook and get reading! We can’t wait!

Keep watching the website as we’re going to put lots of stuff,  games and activities, up here for you to do with (or give to) your book clubs and ABA groups. Just check the 2013 resources pages every so often for an update. There you’ll also find PDF/JPEG copies of all resources  to print off for yourselves. If you need extra hard copies of anything please email us directly at

You’ll need to send us your final votes by Tuesday, 18th June at the very latest as any votes received after this date won’t count.  It would be such a shame for your students not to have their say, but you don’t have to worry about that now; we’ll send you lots more details about voting and how to do it nearer the deadline. This year we expect every school taking part to vote for the final awards, as that, after all, is what the ABAs are all about!

Your Shortlist goodie bag is already on its way to you. In it you will find everything you’ll need from now on. There’s:

Enjoy reading – we know we will!


The 2013 ABA Long List is here!

Hello all,

It gives us very great pleasure to announce The Sussex Coast Schools Amazing
Book Awards Long List – 2013.

And the nominees are:

  1. VIII by H. M. Caster
  2. Blood Red Road by Moria Young
  3. Cracks by Caroline Green
  4. Daylight Savings by Edward Hogan
  5. Dead Time by Anne Cassidy
  6. The Fury by Alexander Gordon Smith
  7. Mister Creecher by Chris Priestley
  8. Momentum by Saci Lloyd
  9. A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness
  10. The Repossession by Sam Hawksmoor
  11. Saving Daisy by Phil Earle
  12. Six Days by Philip Webb
  13. Slated by Teri Terry
  14. Unrest by Michelle Harrison
  15. Wolf Blood by N.M. Browne

Follow this link for the nomination form…. 2013 Long List Nomination Form (Students)We’ve decided to make it a bit better this year. So each student gets a vote we’ve created a new nomination form. Students then choose which 5 books they want to read, you collect the forms and then tell us your top 5 books. But don’t worry if you have a couple of books with the same score – send them to us too and we’ll work out the overall “winners”.

Follow this link for the schools nomination form: 2013 Long List Nomination Form (Schools)

Follow this link for PDF versions of the Long List posters … ABA 2013 Long List Postersyour Long List voting pack is already on it’s way to you.

You can order books from the Long List from the Book Nook – follow this link for the order form:ABAs Long List Order Form 2013

Remember you need to send us your book choices by Monday 4th Feb. and we’ll announce the shortlist on Friday 8th Feb. Then all you have to do is start reading! It’s that simple!! If you have any questions remember you can always drop us a line @


Have fun deciding!

Happy New Year!

A very Happy New Year to you all from us here at ABA HQ.

Looking foward to seeing you all on Monday 14th Jan. at Worthing High at 3.45 pm. The Long List awaits!

2013 is going to be awesome! Bring on the trumpets!

Seasons Greetings

Wishing you all a happy and relaxing break! See you in the New Year for our first cluster meeting of 2013 (Jan. 14th at 4pm at Worthing High School) and the launch of the ABA 2013 Long-List. Yay!!

Happy Christmas!